Connected TV (CTV) Usage Update


According to the latest data from comScore’s CTV study, average Connected TV usage increased to more than 3 hours per day for households in Q2 2020. A big part of this was likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has led to an overall increase in TV and Video consumption. 

Time Spent using streaming-only services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, as well as TV streaming providers like NBC, ABC, ESPN, and CBS has increased by more than 2X over the past four years. The increase has been even more dramatic for younger households (Adults 25-34) where streaming usage is even higher.

Connected TV continues to provide a great opportunity to reach younger audiences and light TV viewers or those that have cut the cord.  In Q2 2020, 44% of Connected TV services’ reach was to households that were defined as cord cutters. This varies by streaming service as certain platforms have been proven more effective at reaching cord cutters vs. others.

Connected TV Households

As usage increases, more and more advertisers are beginning to test and scale their Connected TV spends. Something eMarketer projects will continue to increase in the years to come:

And finally, as advertisers continue to expand their streaming budgets measurement is becoming more accurate and reliable which makes it possible to track campaign performance and effectiveness.