TV Media Buying’s Recent Growth and Future Prospects in the Face of Increased Internet Ad Spending


TV Media Buying in the US is approaching its pre-recession levels and is on pace to overtake 2007 spending levels by 2012. Total ad spending is forecasted to take a little longer to recover.

2011 TV Media Buying ad spending stats

In 2010, TV ad spending was up nearly 10%, a number that is expected to drop a little to closer to 3% for 2011 (with total TV ad spending expected to equal $60.5 billion). Media Buying costs for the Academy Awards and Super Bowl the past two years (TV’s two biggest advertising events) show this trend as well.

“TV advertising is on course to return to prerecession levels,” said eMarketer CEO and co-founder Geoff Ramsey. “While the growth of online advertising has been robust, it hasn’t stopped brand advertisers from keeping the bulk of their budgets flowing through TV sets.”

TV ad spending is on pace to make up 39% of total media buying in 2011, a number that’s expected to remain at that level for the next 5 years. Online Media Buying is expected to raise from 15% of total spending in 2009 to close to 26% in 2015, taking away much of the ad spending from print sources such as newspapers and magazines.


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Source: eMarketer