Priceline Updates App for iOS7


media buying agency for just launched a newly redesigned iPhone app to better take advantage of the changes Apple implemented in iOS7.

Some of the new features and improvements in the app include:

  • The visuals more closely match the look and feel of iOS7, with coloring, design, and font changes. The app also takes advantage of Apple’s parallax scrolling technology.
  • Maps are zoomable and include more details about the hotel and its services.
  • Checkout screens are faster, with simplified browsing paths and fewer required fields.

“Within iOS7, the Priceline app is able to strip away earlier ‘boxy’ looks and extra screens to create a visually engaging experience where travelers have all the necessary information in front of them, even on a small screen, and can effortlessly make travel plans and book their reservations,” said John Caine, Chief Product Officer of

The app is available for download in iTunes now – just in time for the holiday travel season!

Ocean Media has provided media buying and media planning services for since the travel giant launched more than 14 years ago. You can learn more about Priceline in the following commercial from our media buying campaign: