Priceline Debuts Sponsored Listings

09.19.13 recently launched its brand new “Priceline Sponsored Listings” program to help hotels find more business. The pay-per-click program will give advertisers the ability to bid in real-time on visitors looking for hotels in their area.

 “With so many channels to reach potential consumers, we want to give hotels of all sizes and varying budgets an opportunity to identify key consumers, reach them with customized messages at the moment of purchase, and track results in real time,” said Craig Schickler, Vice President of Partner Marketing at

Priceline Sponsored Listings offers instant analytics and has a number of great custom features to make the program as simple and effective as possible for advertisers. Advertisers can bid for increased visibility in their markets, fine-tune the demographics they are targeting, and customize their ads for specific market segments.

“We’re excited about Priceline Sponsored Listings,” said Lakota Forosisky, Area Director of Revenue Management at Hyatt Place Mystic. “It’s a challenging hotel market in September and Priceline is truly answering the call.  So far the program has exceeded our performance expectations.”

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Source: Priceline