Overstock’s New Commercial Campaign with Snoop Lion

07.30.13 has just launched a new commercial campaign featuring the legendary Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg).

As you can imagine, Overstock is positively giddy to be working with the pop culture icon:

“It was fate,” Overstock Co-President Stormy Simon said. “The stars aligned and brought Snoop and together at just the right time. And the outcome exceeds anybody’s wildest expectations. The ad is magical.”

The ad features Snoop Lion using Overstock to address his family’s various needs. It’s all set to the tune of one of Snoop’s most recent hits: “The Good Good”.

Snoop Lion first approached Overstock about working together, and their partnership is extending beyond just TV commercials. Overstock is devoting an entire section of the site to Snoop dubbed “The SnooperMarket”. Snoop Lion-branded products and special selections made by Snoop and family will be on display there.

“This was an inspired collaboration,” said CEO Patrick Byrne. “The collaboration between Snoop Lion and turned out to be much more effective than either party imagined at the outset.”

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Source: Overstock