Overstock Begins Carbon-Neutral Shipping Program


Just in time for Earth Day 2011, is teaming up with to begin using carbon-neutral shipping for select products. All products sold through Overstock’s “Worldstock Fair Trade” store will be eligible for the new shipping program. is a leading nonprofit climate solutions organization that will help Overstock fund third-party carbon reduction projects like reforestation to help offset the carbon dioxide emissions from shipping trucks.


Worldstock Fair Trade was launched in 2001 and is Overstock’s “socially responsible department for products handcrafted by artisans from developing nations and rural areas of the USA.” It features products from 60 countries and returns 60-70% of cost to the artisans (over $60 million to date).

“This carbon-neutral shipping program is in addition to other measures the company has taken to recognize consumer demand for environmentally sustainable business practices. ¬†Other measures include ride sharing and corporate recycling programs,” said CEO Patrick Byrne. “We recognize CO2 emissions are only one component of our operational impact, and we are working to reduce environmental impacts across our entire supply chain.”

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