Ocean Waves: Say Hello to Marifie Natividad


Ocean Waves is your behind-the-scenes look at the people who make Ocean Media a leading independent media planning and buying agency. We chat with the employees who make our agency so great, ask them a number of questions and then share their answers with the world. Today we are spotlighting Marifie Natividad, a Media Analyst here at Ocean.   


Name: Marifie Natividad
Position: Media Analyst

In a nutshell, my job at Ocean Media is to:

Help clients make well-informed, data-driven marketing decisions. It is a good fit for someone who loves to look at graphs and enjoys working with data and statistics.

The clients I work with are:

Angie’s ListAllegianteBatesHightail, and Lending Tree.

What sets Ocean Media apart from other media buying agencies?

Ocean puts a heavy emphasis on optimization and getting the most ROI for every dollar spent. We do not settle for what works, but what would work better given the parameters of each marketing campaign.

What’s your favorite thing about Ocean Media?

The people and the work environment. Everyone here works with the same goal and a positive attitude. The company also has a very supportive and encouraging work environment, believing in everybody’s potential and rewarding those who go the extra mile.

When it comes to working in media, what skills would help someone go far in the industry?

One has to have a breadth of knowledge on the media buying industry, as well as the aptitude for numbers and what they show. Also, the ability to make sound recommendations and the resilience to cater to clients’ needs whenever possible.

Any advice or words of wisdom for someone getting into the media buying industry?

Be on top of every project that you do as everyone’s job is interrelated and it would likely affect the overall outcome. Be as much of a resource you are as a contributor to the end goal.

If I wasn’t working here at Ocean Media, you’d most likely find me:

Hiking and just being outdoors, which remind me so much of my childhood. I find it more enjoyable than most workout routines. I also prefer elevation gain over distance, which oftentimes means great views at the end of the hike!

The most influential person in my life has been:

My father, who is continually shaping me to be a better person every day. He has made me a stronger person by keeping a close eye on the real priorities in life.

Favorite restaurant?

Any restaurant that serves good Paella, but it would be a delight to dine in Spain where it originated.