Ocean Media Joins MediaPost Programmatic Insider Summit Panel


Jared_LakeJared Lake, Ocean Media’s Director of Digital Strategy, was invited to join MediaPost’s Programmatic Insider Summit Panel discussing “Adventures In Programmatic Creative” where he shared his views on both the challenge of properly integrating programmatic media strategy with creative development and the inherent opportunity that presents when you pull it off.

“Many creative shops have only just begun to scratch the surface and explore key programmatic concepts like data driven testing methodologies, dynamic creative and sequential messaging. These tools and techniques offer a lot of promise in terms of influencing bottom line campaign ROI but fundamentally change the creative process,” said Lake.

Jared also shared how Ocean Media is working with their clients to expand the use of online video in the overall marketing mix and “think beyond the spot” when developing integrated media and creative strategies stating, “Successful online video strategies will leverage video in all stages of the purchase path. Not limiting executions to the reuse of TV creative assets and top funnel tactics.”

Ocean Media continues to bring innovation to how video—online and offline—can be used to provide measurable, scalable, efficient results.