Need Website Traffic? Advertise on TV


A recent study by the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau revealed something we at Ocean Media have known for a long time: advertising on TV will drive more traffic to your website. The study looked at “pure-play internet brands” to measure the impact of TV ad spend on website traffic and found there was a direct corollary between “dialing up TV spend” and website traffic.

One reason we can say that we were already aware of this correlation is three of the companies used as examples—Priceline,, and Gazelle are Ocean Media clients. We have seen firsthand how their level of spend on television advertising impacts their traffic—and their revenue. Throughout our media buys we continuously measure and optimize using performance data to quantify media effectiveness and provide insight into how our clients can significantly improve their return on investment and/or CPA.

tv spend

This study follows one we shared last December from the Wall St. Journal showing how many of the top dotcom advertisers are using Ocean Media for their media buying.