JustFab Opens First Retail Store


In a rare move from internet to physical store, JustFab just opened its first retail store in Los Angeles last weekend. Its the first company of its kind to expand into having a physical retail location.

The subscription-based fashion website has garnered a huge following worldwide, with more than 33 million members. Online shopping can be a tricky experience though, so due to customer demand, JustFab opened the new location so their members can feel and see their fashions close up.

Modeled after the website, the JustFab retail store will feature all their latest fashions against strikingly clean white backgrounds and surfaces.

“JustFab has reverse engineered e-commerce into traditional retail with the opening of its flagship store.  We have created the global leader in fashion subscription in just three short years and will now bring our customized shopping experience into physical stores to enable customers to touch and feel our products,” said Ressler. “JustFab is now an omni-channel brand and has proven its innovation in fashion, television and retail.”

The new store will use tablets and apps to provide a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, with exceptional customer service and instant access to inventory. Customers will be able to create wish lists as they shop through the store and see real-time status updates on all their requests.

“We’ve heard from our members that being able to see and try on products before they buy is still an important part of the shopping experience for them,” said Goldenberg. “With the JustFab flagship, we are giving current VIP members and new customers a new way to connect with the brand and to experience the JustFab world in person.”

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Source: PR Newswire