Infographic: Media Buying Stats for the 2012 Oscars


academy awards 2012 media buyingDespite ratings falling by 8% last year, 30-second commercial costs for the 2012 Academy Awards have stayed flat at $1.7 million. Fan-favorite Billy Crystal is back as host, but without a blockbuster like ‘Avatar’ in the mix, the Oscars may struggle to draw the casual viewer in again this year. Regardless, with media buying rates 14x higher than ABC’s normal primetime ad rates, this year’s Oscars are definitely going to be a huge event for advertisers.

Often referred to as ‘The Super Bowl for Women’ amongst advertisers due to the demographics that tune in to the broadcast, let’s see how the events compare for advertisers in our updated infographic:

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The Super Bowl is still king amongst US television broadcasts for advertisers, towering over the numbers for the Academy Award.

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