Fall 2013’s First Cancelled TV Show is…



That was quick! Only two weeks in, and we have our first casualty of the new TV seasonLucky 7.

Lucky 7’s Neilsen Ratings

ABC’s Lucky 7 got off to a bad start in the ratings, and sank even further during its second week.

Week One – 4.6 Million Viewers. 1.3 MIllion in the 18-49 Demographic

Week Two – 2.8 Million Viewers. 0.8 Million in the 18-49 Demographic

Lucky 7’s Social Media Performance

Its ratings may look pretty bad, but the TV show’s performance on Facebook was even worse compared to the competition. Lucky 7 only has 6,900 Likes at the time of its cancellation. Even cancellation can’t get its “People Talking About” stat above 2,000. To put that number in perspective, ABC’s next lowest new show of the Fall (Trophy Wife) is at more than 33,000 Likes, and that’s nothing compared to Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D compiling more than 1.4 million Likes.

Lucky 7’s cancellation definitely does not come as a surprise. What show do you think will be next? According to our Facebook tracking tool, CBS’s We Are Men better watch out, as it only has 4,500 Likes.