eHarmony Expands to Job Searches


Using the same approach that has led to more than half a million marriages, eHarmony is about to enter the job search market.

Instead of using skills as the biggest determining factor for online job matching, eHarmony plans on using a culture index to find the best long-term fit for both employer and employee. Eharmony’s research shows 60-65% of people are unhappy with their jobs, regardless of if they’re looking for a new one or not, so matching personality types could reduce that number greatly.

Finding employees that match a company’s culture can help boost employee engagement and retention, keeping recruitment and training costs down for a company. Sharing experiences and hobbies with an employer can actually raise offer salaries for prospective employees too. Eharmony will just need to be careful not to completely ignore skills as they are also a key part of job qualification.

While similar, relationships and jobs are not completely identical so eHarmony has not ruled out acquiring an existing job board to work from either. Originally planned for a June 2013 launch, prospective job hunters shouldn’t expect to see this new service from eHarmony until 2014.

Ocean Media has provided eHarmony with media buying and media planning services from 2002-2011 and again throughout 2013. To date, eHarmony has grown to more than 44 million users, resulting in close to 600,000 marriages. Our risk averse approach has helped eHarmony grow into an industry leader, along with many other companies. Contact our media agency today to learn more!