News Announces 2014 Rose Parade Float with Natalie Cole


eHarmony has announced it will have a float featured in the 2014 Rose Parade on January 1st. The float will be headlined by Natalie Cole singing “This Will Be”, along with hits from her recent Spanish-language album.

With the float, becomes the first ever “.com” to be featured in the 125 year history of the Rose Parade.

“Having been a member of the Pasadena-area community for over 40 years, it brings me great joy to be part of the Rose Parade and to have the wonderful, talented Natalie Cole perform on our float,” said Dr. Neil Clark Warren (eHarmony founder). “At eHarmony, we believe there is a meaningful, fulfilling relationship out there for everyone, and we are thrilled to bring that hope and promise to the national audience that waits for this event every year. We are proud to be part of the Rose Parade.”

The float will be designed in tandem with The Phoenix Decorating Company, a firm with more than 30 years of float design experience and 230 Rose Parade awards to its name.

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Source: eHarmony