Media Buying

We Bring Discipline to Your Advertising

Our approach to media buying blends first, second and third-party data with media performance and human ingenuity to create hyper-targeted buying strategies that optimize spends and deliver on our clients’ goals. We closely measure each purchase, and continuously adjust tactics to insure that we are delivering high LTV consumers as efficiently as possible.

Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach to media buying that optimizes our clients’ spends to reach their most valuable consumers in the most efficient manner possible. We use a combination of purchasing tactics that include Upfront, Scatter, DR and Remnant across screens and devices, along with leveraging Programmatic, Addressable, and Native Content media buying strategies to take advantage of the growing opportunities data and technology offer.


Device Agnostic

Consumer media consumption is changing in the age of digital proliferation, expanding who you get content from and on what device you prefer to watch. That’s why we take a device-agnostic and publisher approach to media strategy, focusing on where your audience spends time and on what device they prefer.


Negotiating Expertise

As one of the largest independent media buying agencies in the country, we have decades of experience negotiating media buys across every available platform. We don’t just buy media on our clients’ behalf – we negotiate to ensure the most efficient rates and secure added value wherever possible. True to our transparent approach with our clients, we have no kickbacks, or pre-purchased media that would skew our client recommendations. All discounts that we negotiate are passed along to our clients.


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