CafePress Promoting Autism Awareness


After a successful run in 2010, CafePress is continuing its partnership with Autism Speaks to support Autism Awareness month. There are nearly 400,000 Autism Awareness products on CafePress with a portion of their proceeds going towards charity. Ten percent of the purchase price of any products tagged with “Autism” sold through CafePress during the month of April will be donated to Autism Speaks, America’s largest Autism Science and Advocacy Organization.


CafePress is a community-driven website, that has created over 250 million products so far and their designers are really stepping up their game for Autism Awareness:

  • Alison Eitzman from upstate New York created her first design on CafePress as a way to have some extra income while staying home with her newborn son. She began creating autism designs in her shop when he was diagnosed with autism at 22 months old. Alison hopes to raise awareness of autism “one T-shirt at a time.”
  • Crystal Cook from California runs her shop with her talented, 21-year-old autistic son, Wilson. Declaring that “labels go on soup cans – autism is just a diagnosis,” Wilson motivated Crystal to begin sharing his insights through T-shirt designs and helped actualize his desire to make a difference in the world.
  • Matt McKendrick from Maryland opened his CafePress shop after doctors raised concerns about his stepson being autistic. The design process has been cathartic for him: Matt says, “My greatest satisfaction comes from expressing how people with autism are no different than the rest of us and deserve our love, compassion and understanding.”
  • Janine Vasquez from California opened her “Super Cool Autism” shop as a way to promote autism awareness in a fun way. Inspired by her son, whom she describes lovingly as “a quirky genius,” Janine creates T-shirts bearing messages such as “Autism makes me rock” and “Future rocket scientist.”

CafePress is one of our agency’s media planning and buying clients. We’ve helped them grow to having over 11 million shoppers on their website every month.


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Source: CafePress

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